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Best Engagement Photographer

Getting engaged is certainly one of those great moments of life that needs to be memorialized. It is that life-changing moment when the big question is popped and life suddenly begins to take on a new course. Capturing those precious moments of the engagement photographer and the celebration of it needs to be captured in pictures so you will always be able to cherish them.

Choose the Location

Pictures can be taken at the place of your choice, or where the actual question was popped. You can make the positions serious, like they really happened, or have fun and do what you want. Depending on the type of photo you want, whether serious or humorous, the location should be selected where that type of background and atmosphere can reflect it.

Some places that you might choose from include mountain scenery, wheat fields, woods, college campus, old buildings, a castle, amusement parks, and so much more. You could also select a time of day when the sun is setting, a shore, on a boat, a city skyline, a winter scene, the place you met or had a first date, and so much more. The main idea is to select a place where you can feel comfortable and will be able to show your love for each other.


You can also dress up in the style of clothes you like for the picture to match the tone and surroundings. You can choose any kind, just be sure to plan ahead. Dress casually, formal, or in old-timey clothes. Anything goes, just think about it ahead of time.


If you have a special animal you would like to bring along and include in the photo shoot, you can. Make sure in advance that the pet will feel comfortable there, and that there are not a lot of other pets around at that time of day.

Get the Pictures Soon After

Once an engagement has been made, the couple should seek to get the pictures taken shortly afterward. This could be within a month or two, but the main idea is to keep it away from the time when planning for the wedding begins. Shortly after the engagement, couples can think about the types of photos they want, and the best location for them.

Create a Backup Plan

Sad to say, not everything may go as planned. Places you select to have your pictures taken could end up closed, crowded, rained on, or someone could even get sick. Instead of letting the day be wasted, having a backup plan and location could still enable you to make the shoot – just somewhere else.

Pictures for Wedding Announcements

If you intend to use one or more of the pictures on your wedding announcements, be sure to allow enough time to get the proofs back and the pictures developed. After seeing the pictures, you will be able to decide whether or not that photographer is the one you want for your wedding.

David Edri is an engagements photographer with plenty of experience. He is located in Brooklyn, New York, and knows how to photograph your memorable event. Contact him today to discuss how to get the best pictures to commemorate your special occasion.


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