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Seeing your son or daughter perform their bar / bat mitzvahs is a wondrous occasion. It certainly is a time to celebrate this milestone and achievement in their life. Recording it in pictures is a great way to memorialize the event and keep it special in your minds, and will let your son or daughter relive it, too.

Although many guests will certainly come for the event, some friends and relatives may not be able to be there. You can be sure, though, that many will want to see the event later on. Having high-quality professional pictures to show them will help everyone to relive and enjoy the event.

The Planning

Choosing a great place to celebrate the event is important. Of course, the number of people who will be at the event and the budget will determine where it will be and the activities planned.

Choosing the Professional Photographer

Part of the planning needs to include which photographer to use. You want someone with professional equipment and experience in photographing the many events surrounding Bar / Bat Mitzvahs. They also need to know how to choose the right camera settings for the different types of light at the event in the different rooms.

Because the event is so important to those involved, and because you want great pictures, you do not want to choose an amateur. An experienced photographer knows what the most important parts of the event are, and knows what type of pictures will matter most to those who attend.

Child Friendly

The main star of the event is going to be your son or daughter. Making him or her smile and interact with the photographer is important and an expert photographer knows how to get the child to cooperate for great photos and capture them in a natural way.

The Album

Whether or not you want an album for the event is up to you, but everyone wants great looking pictures that capture the serious nature of this stage of your child’s life. You also want to capture all of the fun and celebration afterwards, and have pictures that reveal what a great event it was!

Backup Equipment

The last thing you want during such an important event is for there to be a problem with the photographer’s camera or other equipment. A professional photographer is going to be prepared with extra equipment, which will prevent your being very disappointed if you chose an amateur. Their equipment is also likely to be better, and they know how and when to use it to capture those exciting moments that everyone wants to see over and over.

David Edri is one professional photographer who is experienced at Bar / Bat Mitzvahs. His experience enables him to not only use a camera for best results, but he also knows the most important pictures that families want to see at such an important and exciting event. Contact him today to schedule him for your son or daughter’s special event.


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